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USA: EPIC To Ask Supreme Court to Halt Telephone Tapping

US-Supreme Court

Washington, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina) The Center Electronic Privacy Information (EPIC) will request the U.S. Supreme Court to issue declarations against the collection of information the National Security Agency is carrying out though phone tapping.

According to The Hill newspaper, EPIC, a non-profit organization, believes to have the right for the "exceptional circumstances" that surround the NSA program, which requires an immediate response by the Supreme Court.

The group underlined it would not follow the traditional procedure through the judicial system since lower courts have no authority over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), which monitors NSA programs.

The EPIC request would not be the first that questions the capacity of the FISA to pass petitions to NSA to collect data of phone records under the Patriot Law.

A month ago, a terrible scandal came to the surface when U.S. ex NSA agent Edward Snowden leaked details on the government secret programs to monitor national and foreign communications in an attempt to identify national security threats.

Last weekend, the New York Times informed that FISA created a group of stipulations that allow the NSA to expand its espionage system.