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Attack against President is state terrorism, says Bolivia

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La Paz, July 8 (Prensa Latina) The insult to President Evo Morales from Spain, France and Italy by hijacking his plane was a case of peace time State terrorism, stated Communication Minister Amanda Davila, who announced that ambassadors of those European countries have been summoned by Bolivia's Foreign Ministry.

In a press conference from Quemado Palace, Davila, who is also presidential spokeswoman, said the ambassadors have been required to appear at the Foreign Ministry headquarters to explain the reason of the air blockade against the Bolivian presidential plane.

International analysts, expert in human rights and international treaties say this is the first case in peace-time contemporary history that a country is attacked en masse by four nations, plus the United States, in an unacceptable, reprehensible way, she said.

In Davila's opinion, it is no coincidence that these countries which have vetoed the use of their airspace to President Evo Morales are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

She insisted that this unfortunate event will go to the annals of human rights and international treaties "as the first case of a mass attack and State terrorism against a democratically-elected president."

We are complying with what we announced as Government: the ministerial Cabinet has started all necessary actions until we receive a clear explanation and a reliable, convincing apology from these countries.

Davila appreciated the large number of letters and messages in solidarity with Bolivia from political parties and social groups who support the Bolivian cause.

Meanwhile, workers from different trades in the cities of La Paz and El Alto staged a rally outside the US Embassy in La Paz, demanding its closing.

Carrying the national and the national flag and the indigenous flag, known as wiphala, insisted on the need for the US Embassy to be closed and demanded apologies from Spain, France, Portugal and Italy in the wake of the air blockade against the presidential plane of Evo Morales.

Leader of the demonstrators from El Alto, Rodolfo Mancilla, said the US Embassy has to leave the country, and insisted that they will demand a regulation from the Legislative Assembly to expel the US diplomatic mission from the country.

The protesters burned flags from the five countries and chanted slogans backing President Evo Morales.