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Honduras, China to Sign Memorandum for Interoceanic Railway


Tegucigalpa, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Honduran President Porfirio Lobo will sign an understanding memorandum next month with Chinese Company Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) for the construction of an interoceanic railroad, said an official source here.

Honduran former Public Works minister Miguel Angel Gomez, now the main advisor of the ministry, said CHEC confirmed its interest in building this complex, which might cover up to 10 inter-ocean railroad lines.

Gomez said that the decision reasserts the importance that Honduras has for the worldwide trade, because of the advantages that this work will offer when reducing time and distance, without explaining his later development in Puerto Castilla and Amapala.

The network of interoceanic railways will allow to join Puerto Castilla, in the Caribbean, and Amapala, in the island of El Tigre, located in the gulf of Fonseca, maritime zone that Honduras shares in the Pacific with El Salvador and Nicaragua, by means of ten lines of railway.

Last may, Lobo met with executives of CHEC for Latin America in this capital, who knew details on some of the projects of infrastructure that Honduras wishes to promote, among them this monumental work.

Governmental advisor Tito Livio Sierra, fosterer of this initiative, said that the railway of Honduras will not be of competence for the Canal of Panama nor for the inter-ocean work that Nicaragua pretends to build.

The Honduran interoceanic railway will be instrumented to attend the load of the ships of 300,000 tons, while the works of the neighbouring countries are for smaller vessels (100,000 tons), explained the official by means of a communiqué issued by the Presidential House.

In accordance with the design of this network, in the sector of Jícaro Galán, in the south of Honduras, a warehousing centre with capacity for 240,000 containers will be built.

The project, whose technical, financial, and constructive study will in charge of CHEC, also contemplates the construction of a refinery in Puerto Castilla, a pipeline, a dockyard and the installation of optical fibre, said the rector of the Jose Cecilio del Valle Private University, Carlos Avila.

CHEC is the number 11 among the 250 great constructing companies in the world, and has built the two longest bridges over the sea in the world, one of them surpassing the 24.8 miles long.