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Venezuela’s Capriles refuses to accept Maduro victory until election audit


Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles will not accept Chavista, Nicolas Maduro’s victory until a full audit of the election results is carried out. Capriles has slammed the ruling party with allegations of election fraud.

With the vote split almost equally acting President Nicolas Maduro has won Venezuelan presidential election to replace Hugo Chavez.

Venezuelan election authorities have announced that with 99.12% of votes counted Maduro is leading with 50.66 per cent of the votes cast. Capriles is dragging behind with 49.07 per cent. 

Around 77 per cent of the eligible voters cast their ballots, officials said.

Venezuelan authorities have announced that voting went smoothly and that there was no evidence of any irregularities with almost 200 international observers overseeing the voting. However, in the face of opposition protest Maduro has consented to an audit on Sunday’s vote.

In his speech after the polls closed, Capriles urged every person to report irregularities they may have noticed.

“Today, all Venezuelans are reporters. If you see something irregular, take a picture, air it on social media,” Capriles said, adding that whatever the result would be he will “respect the will of the people.”

In his Twitter account however, Capriles lashed out at his opponents, claiming there was a plan to alter the election results. Capriles’s campaign coordinator, Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, also suggested Maduro’s party is “misleading their people and are trying to mislead the people of this country.”

Five minutes before the polling stations across Venezuela closed, a number of government Twitter accounts had been hacked by LulzSec group, including those of Nicolas Maduro, his ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. The attack was dubbed as a “desperate” move of “fascists” by the Venezuelan minister of Communications & Information Ernesto Villegas.

The day before, Maduro was slammed by the opposition for allegedly violating a media blackout. Eric Draitser, a geopolitical analyst at told RT that could indeed be an admission of failure on behalf of the opposition.

“What we see in the last couple of days are accusations already being leveled by the Capriles camp, the so-called opposition regarding the validity of the results and regarding the procedures of the actual election,” Draitser said. “Despite the international effort to propup Capriles and the opposition, it has been an abject failure... Capriles is not liked by the Venezuelan people because they understand that Capriles and the opposition means a return to colonialism and to subjugation under the thumb of the United States.”