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From Bilderberg to Google-Berg: The Technocratic Restructuring of the Global Elite


World events are showing more and more clearly that the most important goals of the world elite are the total restructuring of human consciousness and even changing the essence of humans. In fact, this is both the end and the means of building a «new world order». The last meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which took place on June 6-9, 2013 at the Grove Hotel in a London suburb, was especially telling in this regard...

Information about where the meeting was to take place, what was on its agenda and who was going to participate was available long before the meeting, both in alternative and official media. For example, the newspaper The Telegraph wrote about this in an article called «Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world». And in the next issue, in the article «Bilderberg Group 2013: guest list and agenda», The Telegraph presented the issues which were to be discussed at the meeting. Among them are unemployment in the U.S. and Europe, nationalism and populism, politics of the European Union, developments in the Middle East, Africa's challenges, cyber warfare and the proliferation of asymmetric threats, major trends in medical research, and the promise and impacts of online education.

An insider source for the alternative site gave more detailed information on the agenda, stating that two groups of issues will be discussed at the meeting. The first deals with economic problems: increasing the powers of central banks under the guise of «bank reforms», bailing out banks to support the euro and preserve the eurozone, creating more effective tax collection systems, not allowing Britain to leave the European Union, diffusing austerity induced social protests, minimal economic growth in 2013, and concentrating the populations wealth in the hands of corporations and the superwealthy elite.

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