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MI5 Chief Calls Disclosures Over British Espionage Harmful


London, Oct 10 (Prensa Latina) The MI5 Security Service director general, Andrew Parker, said today that recent disclosures about the spying program run by the UK government could negatively affect intelligence work.

Parker said that the secret documents leak caused enormous damage to British security, though many civil society actors considered the recent disclosures as the beginning of a open debate on the need for a balance between the country's security and the right to people's privacy.

Recent revelations by former analyst Edward Snowden disclosed secret files about the existence of Washington's secret program in collaboration with London to spy on millions of people, institutions, and governments through the Internet and phone calls.

The revelations immediately caused an international stir, and triggered multiple protests in opposition to violations of the right to privacy.

In his first public speech since he became head of MI5 Security Services in April, Parker said that Snowden's revelations damaged Britain's security services because they demonstrated the reach and limits of surveillance techniques.

On the other hand, he justified the massive spying that had been conducted, referring to the need to protect the country from terrorism.