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French Federation to Lodge Law Suit Against US Spying


Paris, July 12 (Prensa Latina) The French Federation of Human Rights announced its decision to lodge a lawsuit against the U.S. spying program Prism, which monitors communications of millions of people and institutions in Europe and the world.

This investigation was directed against the National Security Agency (NSA, for its acronym in English) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States, as well as against nine U.S. Internet companies who supported the program: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Paltak, Facebook, YouTube, AOL, Apple and Skype.

According to Emmanuel Daoud, one of the lawyers for the plaintiff organization will presented five charges, including the collection of personal information through fraudulent means, voluntary attack on privacy and violation of secrecy of correspondence.

Daoud added that one of the objectives of the report is to clarify the role played in this scandal by these companies, that in different periods may have been made available to U.S. intelligence agencies their servers to collect all customer data.

The Prism existence became known last month, when the former agent of the NSA, Edward Snowden, leaked reports and documents about how the United States controls emails, videos, phone calls and other data of millions of people, mainly outside its territory.

The scandal took larger scope after revelation that the NSA spied also the EU institutions, including its representations in Washington, the UN and Brussels, as well as 38 embassies, including those of France, Italy and Greece.

In a recently adopted resolution, the European Parliament condemned the Prism and stated that such programs represent a serious violation of the fundamental right to privacy and data protection.