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British MP Diane Abbott exposes ‘UK consultancy abuse’


A British Member of Parliament (MP) has strongly criticised what she described as the growing practice of United Kingdom (UK) based consultants “creaming off millions of pounds” from money which is provided by the Department of International Development for (DFID).

Diane Abbott, UK Shadow Minister for Public Health, said the rise in the amount of money given to UK-based consultants is alarming. In fact, she feels so strongly about the issue that she recently drew the matter to the attention of the House of Commons, and urged the Prime Minister David Cameron Government to examine the issues and to “introduce an internal inquiry”.

She stated: “I want to draw the House’s attention to the growing phenomenon of wealthy UK-based management consultancies creaming off millions of pounds from the aid budget. We are seeing—the process has accelerated in recent years—the emergence of lords of poverty. People are building fat businesses and paying themselves fat salaries creamed from the budget of the Department for International Development. Lords of poverty, hardship tycoons, pin-striped famine magnates: whatever we call them, the phenomenon is growing, and I think the British public would deprecate it.”

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