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The Guyanese of “Fraud Charge Alley”


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 10, 2013: The icing on the cake of dismay for many State Senator, John New York City, the U.S. and even Guyana this week was the slapping of embezzlement and obstruction of justice charges on New York lawmaker, Guyanese American State Senator, John Sampson. It marked number five in a list of notable Guyanese who have recently been arrested and charged with fraud.

Sampson, 47, who was a former head of the New York State Senate’s ethnic committee and represents the 19th Senate District in southeastern Brooklyn, which comprises Crown Heights, East Flatbush, as well as portions of Brownsville, Canarsie and Spring Creek Towers, areas that are largely home to many Caribbean immigrants, was charged in federal court in Brooklyn on May 5th with embezzlement and obstruction of justice charges.