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Electronic systems expedite your departure from Frankfurt Airport


New technologies help save time and help passengers get to their planes without stress: Online check-in, luggage drop-off machines, boarding pass and border checks, and even boarding itself. Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is a trendsetter when it comes to faster and more comfortable departures. Security is of course a must and checks are mandatory, but security and other checks don’t have to take long. This is the reason why Frankfurt Airport automates many pre-departure processes.

It starts with online check-in, which is gaining widespread acceptance. Self-service check-in kiosks are now a familiar feature at FRA. Quite new, however, are the automated baggage drop-off machines that Lufthansa has installed in Terminal 1for its passengers and passengers of partner airlines.

These baggage drop-off machines are very easy to use: First, the machine scans the barcode on your boarding pass and asks you the number of bags you want to check in. Then, bag tags are printed out for you to attach to each item. Next, place your luggage on the conveyor belt (and you’re finished). Checking boarding passes just before accessing the security and passport checkpoints has also been automated in many cases.

Lesser known is the possibility of using automated biometrics-supported border checks at Frankfurt Airport. This service is available to all citizens of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who are 18 years or older and who have a valid machine-readable passport. After registering for the service, you can quickly complete the passport control formalities yourself by simply using an automated “autocheck lane” in the terminal.

Place your passport on a scanner. A camera takes a live picture of your iris, which in turn is compared by a computer with your stored iris image (stored when you first registered for the service). If the iris images match, the turnstile lets you pass without any additional checks by a police officer. More information is available from the German Federal Police (in German only) at .

State-of-the-art electronics help Frankfurt Airport to continuously improve its services for passengers. This is also the overall goal of Fraport’s “Great to Have You Here!” quality service program launched about two years ago to make it even more convenient and comfortable to fly via Germany’s largest hub. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.