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Namibian Students to study sports in Jamaica

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Kingston, Jamaica- September 7, 2013 - Seven Namibian students will travel to Jamaica this Sunday, 8th September, to begin a 2 to 3 year programme of study on scholarship from the University of Technology and the GC Foster Sports Academy. The programme will include athletics training as well as other professional disciplines.

In November 2012, the Permanent Secretary and other officials from the Namibian Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture, undertook a scoping mission to Jamaica to explore possible areas of collaboration between the two countries.

During that visit, they met with the Minister of Youth and Culture, representatives from the Ministry responsible for Sports, senior officials from the Ministry of Education, Utech, GC Foster Sports Academy and other pertinent agencies and institutions.

The groundwork laid for collaboration was further enhanced by a visit to Namibia by the President of Utech, Professor Errol Morrison. This visit was initiated by the Jamaican High Commission in Pretoria while the President and a delegation from Utech were visiting South Africa in April this year.

The organization of the programme on the ground was undertaken by Jamaican Professor Earle Taylor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the International University of Management, Namibia.

During Prof. Morrison’s visit to Namibia, discussions were held with, inter alia, the Minister of Education, the Permanent Secretary as well as the Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Youth & Culture, and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Namibia. An MOU was also signed with the Namibian International University of Management.

The current collaboration between Jamaica and Namibia seeks to resuscitate the strong historical bond between both countries and the tradition of cooperation, particularly in the fields of Education, Science & Technology and Culture. In that regard, the two countries are moving towards concluding a broad framework agreement to facilitate cooperation in various areas.