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Download the Concacaf Integrity Committee report

Concacaf logoA report released on April 19 by the Integrity Committee of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) has been at the centre of the story behind the resignation of former National Security Minister Jack Warner.


Bank Account Maze - Jack made up his own $$ rules (Part V of a Special Investigation)

jack-warner-supportersIt was no secret that Austin Jack Warner, world football power broker and deep-pocketed political benefactor, made his own rules. The secret was his off-book transactions, misleading financial disclosures and maze of parallel bank accounts relating to all of the football bodies he was associated with.


Warner’s “Great Deception”

center-of-Excellence4PORT-OF-SPAIN,  Trinidad, April 17, 2013 - The Trinidad and Tobago Express newspsper today continued their special investigative series about National Security Minister Jack Warner, and his relationship with FIFA and Concacaf.


Warner and Blazer charged with “fraudulent” management By Simon’

Jack-Warner-007PANAMA CITY, April 19 (Reuters) - CONCACAF's former leaders Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer were slammed as "fraudulent in their management" of the football confederation's affairs by the head of the regional body's Integrity Committee on Friday.


First Meeting Of Caribbean Premier League Cricket Committee Convened In Jamaica

PJ-PattersonThe newly-appointed Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Cricket Committee, chaired by former Jamaica Prime Minister, The Most Honourable PJ Patterson, held its first meeting in Jamaica where key issues were discussed, the CPL plans and progress were presented and decisions were taken pertaining to the inaugural Tournament which starts on 30 July in Barbados. 


‘Eyes’ on Jack at CONCACAFmeeting

jack warner 460INTENSE interest will be centred upon the XXVIII CONCACAF Congress, which begins today in Panama, with a final review of CONCACAF's finances under former leaders Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer.


Gayle undisputed gorgon of T20 game

gayle 11West Indies cricket will never be without its records. Neither will West Indian society be without its mysteries. Cricket and its love of creativity; West Indies and its search for integrity, are as inevitable as ‘south’ of Obama is Republican.



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