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Mattocks: passionate healthcare advocate seeks to reverse diabetic epidemic


Negril, Jamaica, August 6, 2013 - Charles Mattocks is a man of great conviction who is determined to leave his mark on the world. This statement is grounded in the fact and admission that being the nephew of legendary musician "Bob" Marley, he is inspired and driven to leave his own mark on society.

Mattocks repeats a quote from his uncle that he embodies “It takes a revolution to create a solution.” This has become the platform from which Mattocks has created a niche as a health and wellness advocate specializing in diabetes education and prevention.

He recounts that 4.8 million people died last year from diabetes complication and over 380 million have the disease world-wide, more than AIDS and Cancer.

“We put in a lot of work in the last two and half years and people saw that I was serious and we have begun to get recognition. Agencies need somebody to get their message to the world; to bring the people together.

Diabetes is not on people’s mouths like breast cancer is.” It is because of his commitment and determination to make a difference that Mattocks has caused marketing agencies and healthcare organizations to notice him.

He is a Blue Ribbon Champion for the International Diabetes Federation and spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association, wearing his Chef hat, Mattocks has written their next upcoming cookbook.

As host of ‘The Poor Chef,’ television cooking show, Mattocks taught people to make meals for US$7.00 that were healthy, delicious and cost effective. In this role and as the author of “Eat Cheap but Eat Well” a cookbook inspired by his Jamaican grandmother, he has been tremendously successful and has inspired many to improve their health. Diagnosed with diabetes two to three years ago, Mattocks began to shift his attention from celebrity chef cooking shows, cookbooks, sauces, spices and things to focus more on his cause.

He said “it was not until I was diagnosed with diabetes that I figured out my cause. This is something that I am going to fight for and help other people around the world.”

Outside of recognition in the music genre, Mattocks has been catapulted to celebrity status as a healthcare advocate through exposure to programs such as:  the Today Show, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, CNN, Oprah, and Doctor Oz to mention a few.

He has built on this success to launch “Reversed – Type 2 Diabetes” Reality Show, which is a combination of his Brand – “The Diabetic You” and “Reversed” (A combination of Magazine, TV, Website and Social Network).

A virtual one stop shop, an online Portal, “Reversed TV” will feature: culture, doctors, music, education, recipes, all under one roof. It will be more fun, a place where people can upload their information and be part of a real time experience.

Mattocks speaking on his current campaign said “One of my main things right now is “Sons of the Caribbean Coming Home”. Here I can make an impact, get people tested, direct them to treatment facilities. In order to make this work, it requires a few good sponsors e.g. food, media or pharmaceutical.

In addition, he visions a Diabetes Health & Wellness Retreat in Negril or Montego Bay where participants could learn about their bodies, with the end result, producing mental, physical and emotional change.

Charles will be in Jamaica in August to plan for the launch of his RV Tour that will travel across the island to educate people about diabetes, encourage testing and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

In the USA, he has teamed up with Great West Van, who has furnished a fully designed vehicle to facilitate patient care, as well as, other sponsors. However, a smaller sponsored vehicle is needed for the Jamaican leg of the tour.

Currently on the market he has a children’s book entitled “Diabetes and Health Eating” for children 1 yr. and 5 yrs. Just when you think that he has done it all, Mattocks, the deliverer of content, has launched another bombshell product, his new movie “The Diabetic you,” will be released in a few months. Look for it at theatres near you.

Mattocks says there are no real effective creative campaign with billboards that reach people with diabetes. There is a major void to be filled. “While other celebrity chefs get 6 million dollars to do nothing, if we had US$600,000 we could change the face of diabetes,” he said.

He suggests forming a coalition of committed persons and organizations to get the message out to help change and save people’s lives.