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Apple iWatch: latest rumours suggest a wearable revolution

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Chinese news sites claim Apple’s iWatch would use Intel chips and provide a new interface for the best-selling iPhone.

Makers of Apple accessories have already raised more than $10m to make a watch using the firm’s iPod Nano, but Apple has changed the shape of the latest Nano, leading some to suggest it could now be making its own watch.

Chinese news site TGBUS reported that sources in the supply chain said “Apple is building” a device using Intel chips and new low-power Bluetooth technology. A 1.5” touchscreen would be used to control the phone, and Apple’s voice assistant Siri would also allow users to control the watch using voice commands. It claims the device could launch within the next six months.

Although similar Chinese news sites have sometimes provided indications of Apple’s intentions, they have seldom provided infallible information. Manufacturers also often develop technology in the hope that Apple will adopt it.

Venturebeat suggested that the iPad-maker was unlikely to be working on a basic watch. “It needs to be much more than a watch, and much more than a way to communicate with the device that is already just a few inches away in your pocket,” argued John Koetsier. “Would the company that reinvented the computer, the phone, and the way we consume media be aiming so low?”

The Pebble watch, a Kickstarter project, aimed to raise just $100,000 for development but instead raised more than $10milion, indicating high customer demand for a watch using Apple’s interface. A third-party wrist strap called iWatch is also already on sale.