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Skipping breakfast causes heart attacks says study

heart graphic300x300Men who regularly skip breakfast have a 27 per cent higher risk of suffering a heart attack than those who do eat the meal, says a new Harvard study. The 16 year study consisted of nearly 27 000 men aged 45 to 82. The results were published in the journal Circulation and confirm earlier findings that have linked poor eating habits to an elevated risk for heart attacks. 


Antiguan urologist perform breakthrough medical procedure

Dwayne Thwaites-239x230ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Renowned Antiguan Urologist Dr Dwayne Thwaites has made history in the British Virgin Island (BVI) by successfully conducting the island’s first double surgery to correct severe erectile dysfunction and a urinary problem.


Users react to Instagram changes

instagram_-450x350SAN FRANCISCO (AP) —Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing service now owned by Facebook, is the target of a storm of outrage, much of it on social media, after changes in its user agreement give it broader rights to use its members' photos in advertisements.


Guyana may achieve MDGs related to maternal and child mortality by 2015

Dr Suleiman BraimohGeorgetown, GINA, May 25, 2013 - UNICEF’s Representative for Guyana and Suriname, Dr. Suleiman Braimoh has stated that in Guyana there is no debate that the rates for both maternal and child mortality have been moving downwards, so much so that the government and its partners have a firm belief that by 2015 the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) relating to maternal mortality and child mortality will be achieved in Guyana.


Tech CEOs trade barbs, warm up for holiday tablet wars

IpadSAN FRANCISCO—The biggest names in consumer technology, stung by a string of disappointing quarterly results this month, are suiting up for what’s shaping to be the fiercest holiday battle in years.


iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3: which should you buy?

iphone-galaxyThe smartphone battle increasingly comes down to Apple versus Samsung – but with two top-rated phones currently available, which is best for you?


ANTIGUA - Digicel to foot bill for school iPad programme

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – After weeks of speculation and very little official verification, Digicel has confirmed that it will be footing the entire bill for government’s free-iPads-for-students initiative.


In-Flight Internet Approval Process To Be Streamlined

aircraftAirlines should soon have an easier time securing regulatory approval for in-flight Internet services, as the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted new rules Friday to cut some of the red tape involved in the process.


Shipment of SSDs in Uptrend Despite Weak Ultrabook Sales

vertex4-ISDThe shipments of SSDs have risen sharply this year despite weak ultrabook sales. This is according to IHS iSuppli who expects this trend to continue as these flash memory-based drives become increasingly common in non-budget notebooks and desktop PCs by the latter half of this decade.



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