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Rethinking Gandhi By Dr Glenville Ashby

Great_Soul_book_coverIn this seminal work, Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Lelyveld’s reintroduces the inimitable icon, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to a new generation of readers. And for those who think they know this figure - inside out -a surprise awaits.

The Arab Spring: What’s next?

The_book_cover_of_The_Arab_UprisingsIn a scene reminiscent of the Buddhist priest setting himself ablaze to protest the Vietnam War, Ramzi Al Abboudi, a young Tunisian graduate, immolated himself to highlight his plight and his country's crippling economy.

BOOK REVIEW - The Sticky Wicket Trilogy-Author explores sanctity of cricket in West Indian Diaspora

Sometimes the most profound and meaningful of gifts are inconspicuously wrapped. Sticky Wicket is one such example. It is a weighty literary work, delivered with glib and colour.

Writer blasts corrupt Guyanese society

Book_cover_of_Guyana_-_A_national_cesspool_of_greed_duplicity_and_corruptionIn what can only be described as a daring literary exercise, writer GHK Lall unveils a personal narrative that underscores the need to address Guyana's epidemic of unhinged greed and corruption. It is provocative undertaking, characterised by an engaging style and fluidity - albeit punctuated with steely coldness and seething rage. And rightly so. A repatriate, fulfilling his dream to "give back," while savouring retirement, Lall becomes the victim of avarice and scurrilous attacks.

Journalist answers Obama's critics with definitive book

On the heels of "The Confidence Men," "The Brief Against Obama," and a slew of anti-Obama books, talk show host and political correspondent, Bill Press, pens a definitive and measured account of the forces behind the invective against the 44th president of the US. Press' work, "The Obama Hate Machine," is in some ways, historical - as he meanders through the past - identifying other US Heads of State who have been verbal battered, misrepresented, and railroaded.

Documentary: '70: Remembering a Revolution - Documentary on C'bbean revolt hits mark

Glenville_Ashby_3One might argue that ’70: Remembering a Revolution, simply chronicles a bygone tale of disgruntled Trinidad and Tobago nationals, who, economically defanged and disenfranchised, rose up to challenge their perceived oppressors.

Book Review: Author makes convincing case against US President

Glenville_Ashby_3As the world anticipates – arguably - the most charged elections in US history, Huge Hewitt - a savvy attorney and talk show host, uses an artful combination of glib, rhetoric, and legal accoutrements to argue against President Barack Obama's reelection. That he is compelling is an understatement.