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GM, Honda to jointly develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles by 2020

gms-fuel-cell-vehicle-development-plan-photo-194807-s-429x262General Motors Co and Honda Motor Co will jointly develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles over the next seven years, the latest alliance in an industry-wide effort to cut the technology’s costs and meet stricter global emissions rules.


Small is big for Japanese automakers eyeing Indonesia and India markets

japanminicarsTOKYO--Japanese automakers like Honda Motor Co and the Toyota-Daihatsu group have a problem: the smallest cars they make are very big in Japan - and only Japan.


DIAGNOSTICS - What's in a code?

BlueCar ProductsSMWhat's in a code?  Common fault codes are sometimes triggered by things that are not obvious 


Bridgestone wins patent battle against Qingdao Genco

bridgestone-aiken-plantTYRE maker Bridgestone Corporation has announced that it has won a design right infringement claim in China against Qingdao Genco Industrial Group Co.


In the US, a taste of forbidden fruit

p019c55vAlthough he is famous for a good many of the greatest automotive shapes of the last quarter of the 20th century – a list that includes the Lotus Esprit S1 and the BMW M1 – Giorgetto Giugiaro’s favourite design was his original VW Scirocco from 1974.


Custom Look at an Off-the-Rack Price

ATBBolt-articleLargeThe motorcycle industry, still recovering from a steep sales slump, has been asking what sort of motorcycles people are ready, willing and able to buy. After much data crunching, the product planners at Yamaha decided that while there are many potential customers, the price needed to be irresistible.


Automatic Link sends car diagnostics to your iPhone

Screen-Shot-2013-03-12-at-1.01.40-PM-580x374While most vehicles are equipped with computers that can provide diagnostic information to mechanics, the owners of the cars don’t usually have the resources to get that kind of information for themselves.


In a Plus for Electrics, Tesla Repays a Big Federal Loan Early

TESLA-tmagArticleThe taxpayer no longer has to worry about Tesla Motors. Tesla, the maker of electric cars, paid off a $465 million loan on Wednesday that the Energy Department made in 2010.


Aftermarket- Genuine car parts explained

car-partsRecent confusion over how automotive parts retailers classify different types of parts has prompted us to create this Frequently Asked Questions page so that we can clearly explain to our customers the confusing terms and nomenclature that dominate our industry. 

We hope that you find this information useful, and helpful in determining which parts to purchase for your car.